OATELLA oat powder provides tasty, cold soluble, hydrocolloid and velvety mouth-feel to its products. It is high in protein, fiber, beta glucan and potassium. OATELLA is combined with holistic benefits of our Arctic oats.

OATELLA applications

  • Oat drink as oat milk and juices
  • Oat drink powder for oat milk, juices and recovery drink 
  • Oat spread e.g. sweet chocolate spread   
  • Meat analogues 
  • Soups as dry and moist
  • Cereals, snacks, baked oat chips
  • Baked goods

Especially easy and versatile oat applications are oat drink powder, soups, meat analogues, oat chips and some baked goods. You can produce the applications in a small scale bakery or even in a kitchen without expensive machinery.