We have been implementing several commercial technologies, processes, products and applications. Our international marketing experts have several contacts all over in the world. A regional expert area is the Middle East. Over 50% of our turnover comes from exports.

Polar Glucan was established in 2006 to develop unique concepts of oats. In 2006 the main interest was oat beta glucan. Today the interest has widened to whole oats and clean label products. We put actively into practice the newest oat knowledge, which starts from field and ends as an enjoyable food in your mouth. We have worked in Aalto University, where the our focus was in production of innovative microbial oil from wheat straw and apart from that created new oat applications. During that time we were involved in several scientific articles and patent applications. We learn continuously new skills while working with universities and research centers.

We have passion in our work and we enjoy working together with our partners. We work with transparency, when it is possible. ​In challenging occasions we use jokes and shall proceed from that to success. Long experience has taught us to be humble.