Instant Colloidal Whole Oat Flour

Instant Colloidal Whole Oat Flour dissolves easily in water. Colloidal structure gives unique velvety mouth feel, which is enforced by pleasant oat oil, protein and high beta glucan. Whole grain flour offers healthy digestion. 

  • 100% oats, clean label, no E-codes, no additives
  • Contains 5.5 % beta glucan from a specific oat variety chosen by FarmTopOats
  • Creates easy unique mixtures with water and oil
  • Small particle size (no graininess)
  • Has multiple and flexible functions


  • Oat drink, drink powder with berries, fruits, smoothies, vegetables, protein, cacao
  • Natural thickener in soups and sauces
  • Option in meat and dairy e.g. ice cream
  • Spread as natural healthy emulsion
  • Baking, flat bread pastry and pizza; decrease fat in sweet baking, increase volume 20%
  • Suitable for vegan and sports foods